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display single images or slide shows without plug-ins

If you're selling your work or products on-line, this one's worth looking at.

business grade form validator

Pre-checking forms can eliminate many unnecessary round trips to your server.

client-side password entry system

A full-featured solution that's easy to set up. Worth seeing.

display copyright notices that can't be missed

Check this one out if you're displaying copyrighted images or other proprietary material.

design pop-up Flyouts

They pop-up next to the cursor and can hold any content including HTML pages.

create fade transitions without Flash®

Fade one image into another using single or sliced images.

professional scrolling areas

Control up to 4 scrolling areas. Design scrolling thumbnails. The pro's choice.

gather marketing info

Gather meaningful visitor data. Plenty of options in this one.

keeps things centered

Put menus or any content inside an AP Div and keep it centered horizontally or vertically without using tables.

Many more Actions...

content and menus

schedule date content

Schedule images, image links, background images and pages on or between dates.

TimePage TimeImage
schedule daily content

schedule pages and images during the day and on selected days of the week.

money making ad displayer

Set up rotating ad units that display SWF and Image ads.

open with a random page

Display a random page every time your URL is accessed. Up to 3600 pages.

open with random backgrounds

Start up your page with a random background image or color. Rotate backgrounds while the page is being viewed.

open with a random image

Display a random image or SWF every time your page is accessed. Up to 3600 images.

MenuMaster ScrollMenu FileTabs
design eye-catching menus

Use MenuMaster for regular pop-ups, ScrollMenu for animated pop-ups and accordions, and FileTabs for file tab and thumbnail menus that act like radio buttons.

FilmStrip menu set
design scrolling film strip menus

This is a three Behavior suite for designing image menus that can scroll horizontally or vertically.

Add artistic drop shadows, rounded corners and linear blends to APDivs

Stop wasting time cutting and pasting CSS3 properties or source code. This Behavior will do it for you automatically. Demo

re-direction and utilities

Swap Flash files for images

Swap SWF files for images or QuickTime files on Apple iPads, iPhones and iPods.

page flipper for image documents

Pages are ready to be turned as soon as your first page has downloaded. It's fast.

re-direct visitors based on display sizes

Send touch screen devices and regular displays to their own pages.

cross-fade images, each with their own re-direct link demo

Or set the opacity of images, layers and pages or fade them into and out of view. Cool effect.

turn Form objects on and off

Enable or disable parts of your form depending on what fields were filled in or what buttons, boxes or list items were selected.

scroll frames from another frame or window

Use graphics to scroll frames and get rid of those unsightly scroll bars.

control AP Div visibility

Control the visibility, background color and opacity of AP Divs. Change the appearance of many AP Divs with one click. A powerful AP Div tool

control stacked AP Div information panels

When one pops up, the previous one hides. Control up to four separate info panel groups.

Display AP Div and Windowed info panels

Post pop-up info panels with rounded corners and drop shadows. Demo

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