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AutoScroll, FrameSwapnRoll and SwapFrameSet can be used as individual Behaviors

AutoScroll is used to scroll the FilmStrip menu, but can handle much more than just a simple scrolling area. It has all the scrolling features you'll probably ever need to create scrolling areas... all in one Action.

QuickTime demos

Have a look at the demo page and see how FilmStrip menus work.

Horizontal scrolling frameset menu.

Jumpiness in the demos is caused by QuickTime screen capture.

FrameSwapnRoll is used to locate the proper thumbnail in the FilmStrip, center it and keep it highlighted. It can also swap or rollover images across frames.

SwapFrameSet is used to change the contents of one or more frames in a frameset layout.

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FilmStrip menu features

design scrolling, FilmStrip navigation menus

The AutoScroll, FrameSwapnRoll and SwapFrameSet Behaviors are included in this new FilmStrip menu set.

When a thumbnail in the scrolling strip is clicked, a product page is loaded into the browser's window or frame, and the thumbnail is centered and highlighted.

Product pages are linked to the same FilmStrip menu. When you add or remove pages, only one menu needs to be edited. A tremendous time saver.

FilmStrip menus also work in a frameset layout where the menu is in one frame and the product page in another.

many design options for your menus

Up to four FilmStrip menus can be used on each page

Horizontal and vertical menus can be mixed on a page

Panorama FilmStrip option that give your scrolling menu a non-stop seamless look

Use rollover thumbnails or plain images in the film strip

several ways to control FilmStrip menu scrolling

Auto scrolling menus that start when the page loads, and pause when the user enters an image.

Manual scrolling menus that are scrolled by using on-screen controls

Cursor driven scrolling that starts when the cursor enters the center region of the FilmStrip. The menu scrolls in the direction the cursor is moved. Scrolling speed increases the closer it gets to the edge

Edge scrolling that starts when the cursor touches the edge of the film strip.

Continuous scrolling or click to scroll for so many pixel lines

Optional pause at the start of scrolling, pause after so many pixel lines, and pause at end of scrolling

Control the speed and quality of the animation

Loop and scroll-out options

Scrolling can be Up, Down, Left or Right

Use your own graphics or text as the scrolling controls

Fully illustrated instructions

FilmStrip menus offer users a visual way to navigate product or service pages