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The color picker in the options window of some Behaviors does not work properly.

If you bought a Behavior that has a color picker box, you can get an updated _DW.htm file by sending in your request to

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Some GoLive Actions will be updated.

Improvements, fixes or compatibility with new browser versions will no longer be made to many GoLive Actions. GoLive Actions wil still be sold as is, or can be updated for clients for the custom software fee.


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Transparency 2.1 - released November 22, 2011
New feature

Transparency can now cross-fade up to six separate images locations on one page. Click on a thumbnail or other link and watch the new image fade into the old one. Each image can have its own re-direct link as well.

CyberGallery_DW 8.1.1 - released July 21, 2012

A new option and fixes

The new Dreamweaver version 8.1.1 supports CSS3 Corner radius and Drop shadows options. You can also create a slide show where all the images are placed in a folder and CyberGallery will automatically select the right display image. No more hand selecting slides.

In previous versions, CyberGallery automatically created all the necessary AP Divs (layers) to display large images. Your only choice was to either center the display image in the browser window or place it at Top Left coordinates. This wasn’t much help if you had a self-centring layout and wanted to position the display image in a certain location in that layout.

This new version solves that problem. You can either let CyberGallery create all the image display layers as before, or you can create and position them on the page yourself.

Creating and positioning layers yourself has two advantages. It lets you see the display image components during the design stage, and you can position these components anywhere in your layout.

AutoScroll 4.2.4 - released March 27, 2012
Bug fix

AutoScroll for Dreamweaver and GoLive includes a bug fix in the "Scroll Out" function. An error in calcultating the final position of the content box when it scrolled out of the clipping layer has been fixed. This only happened during Semi-Auto scrolling. Semi-Auto is used to scroll so many pixel lines at a time.

ShadowRadius 1.0 - released March 19, 2012
New Behavior

ShadowRadius an easy to use Dreamweaver Behavior or GoLive Action. Take the fuss and bother out of adding these cool CSS3 properties to your AP Divs.

• Add CSS3 Rounded Corners and Drop Shadows to AP Divs

• Add background Linear Blends from one color to another

You can set different pixel values for the corner horizontal and vertical distances. The shadows can be customized for angle, distance, blur and spread.

Linear blends can be from one color to another with distance percent values.

Compatible with FireFox 3.6+, IE9*, .Safari 4+. Chrome 2+ Opera 11.10, OmniWeb 5.11*.

* Linear blends not available yet.

Portfolio_DW 3.2 - released March 10, 2012
New Behavior

Create smaller, faster loading Web documents using image-pages and Portfolio.

Create documents like product brochures, magazines, art and photography portfolios in seconds by exporting the pages from your document software or Acrobat© as sequentially numbered jpg, png or gif images. Portfolio automatically selects the proper pages from your folder.

Five transition effects for flipping single page documents. Facing page documents can use either snap-on or page flipping. Comes with three template pages for quick and easy setup of new documents.

Built in smart pre-caching. This means that while the reader is looking at one page or facing pages, the next set is automatically cached... for faster flipping.

Drop shadows - Add drop shadows to your page in any color.

FileTabs 3.0.1 - released February 29, 2012
Updated Behavior

Easily design two or three state, file tab menus

FileTabs lets you create navigation menus with Tabs or Images that behave like radio buttons. Tabs can be two or three state rollovers.

Rounded corners - Design tabs with simple or complex curved corners.

Drop shadows - Add drop shadows in any color. Options for bluring and spread.

Linear blends - Blend the background of tabs from one color to another at any angle.

Tab opacity - Set tab opacity for unselected tabs. Cool effect.

StickemUp 3.1.1 - released February 29, 2012
New Behavior

Post notes on the user's screen as pop-up windows or in their browser window as pop-up AP Divs. Div notes can have rounded corners and drop shadows on browsers that support it.

Rounded corners - Design notes with simple or complex curved corners.

Drop shadows - Add drop shadows in any color.

PeekaBoo_DW 6.1.3 - released February 29, 2012
Fixes and new features

You now have the option to Auto-Close a flyout or close it manually.

Fixed a cursor positioning problem with Opera.

Added a clear iFrame of contents so Flash contents including audio, would shut down.

Rounded corners - Design flyouts with rounded corners.

Drop shadows - Add drop shadows to your flyouts in any color.

PixelCop_DW 2.0 - released August 4, 2011
New features

The DW version of PixelCop has some extra features. It can test for Touch Screen devices. Great for re-directing iPhones, iPads and other smart phones.

VerifyForm_DW 4.3 - released April 22, 2011

Fixed a problem with the Phone Number Formatting function that stripped the closing parenthesis ")" from the format string.

ChangeOnDate_DW 1.0
New Behavior

This Behavior is used to schedule the display of pages, background images, images and image links on certain dates.

For example you can schedule new images on May 1, 2008, then on May 2, 2008 and so on. Or you can simply let the images run until another change is scheduled. Great for automating the changing of holiday images or Banner Ads etc.