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take your ad units beyond a one pony show

  • Pack more ads on your pages
  • Display a mix of GIF, JPG, PNG and SWF ads
  • Set individual ad exposure times
  • Display different ad sizes
  • Display different ads on different days of the week
  • Limit false ad hits

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QuickTime demos

Try the demo page and see how AdGoRound works.

AdGoRound demo. The 2 ad spaces will rotate through their own list of ads at separate time intervals set by you.

Jumpiness in the demos is caused by QuickTime screen capture.

AdGoRound features

take your ads and rotate them...

...and earn more advertising dollars per page

Ad revenue depends on the number of ads you run, ad exposure time and market reach.

AdGoRound can help you increase the number of ads you can run and control their exposure times.

It all adds up to more advertisers per page and more flexible rates for your ad space.

flexible ad display options

Display a mix of graphic and SWF ads in up to 10 different ad locations per page.

Each location has its own list of ads.

Ads can be different sizes.

AdGoRound cycles through all the ads in the list while the page is in the browser's window.

You can start the ad rotation from either the first ad in the list or from a random pick.

AdGoRound can automatically display different ads on different days of the week for advertisers who need this option (GoLive version only).

Different exposure times can be set for each ad giving you more rate flexibility.

Each ad can have its own link.

reduce the number of false hits

You can limit visitor time on the ad page in case they abandon their browser.

This is a must feature if you use a No-Cache instruction on your page. It will stop your server from repeatedly uploading the same ads... artificially driving up your ad hit rate.

it's not just for rotating ads

AdGoRound can be used to rotate any images on your page... products, photographs, artwork, menu thumbnails and more.

Display photo and art portfolios.

Rotate through a list of products or services.

Use it to display a menu of rotating thumbnail images with their own click-through links.

You'll find many uses for this Action.

AdGoRound can help you earn more ad revenue per page.