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QuickTime demos

Try the demo pages and see how MenuMaster works.

MenuMaster staggered pop-up demo.

The flexibility of MenuMaster lets you create navigatioin designs beyond the standard horizontal and vertical pop-ups.

Menu components are created and positioned by the user. Extensive set-up should be expected for elaborate menu designs.

It's recommended that users have a good working knowledge of Dreamweaver's AP Divs.

thoughtful navigation is key to a well designed web site

actionscafé has several ways to get the job done. Have a look at
Software > menus & navigation.

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See ScrollMenu for designing animated Pop-Up menus.

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MenuMaster features

design menus that rock

Why settle for run-of-the-mill pop-ups. Turn any creative idea into a pop-up menu. See the staggered demo below.

You arrange the menu components on the page yourself, in any scheme. The design possibilities are endless.

Tell MenuMaster what the menu pieces are and how you want them to work. That's it.

You can use MenuMaster to design the standard pop-ups as well, but if you want to be more creative, this is the Behavior to look at.

Try the demos below.

all the features you need to create attractive pop-up menus

Unlimited menu layout possibilities. Design horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular, staggered or whatever menus

create cascading menus that are one or more levels deep

Pop-up menus can contain text, graphics and links to other Actions

Auto menu centering horizontal and/or vertical, or anchoring in a fixed location

Rollover Text Strips are easy to set up. or use rollover images in your pop-ups

Set the text properties and backround color in the rollover effect

Compatible with all popular browsers

Option to get rid of those annoying clicked link rectangles displayed by some browsers

A bonus. MenuMaster pages print the way they look in browsers.

The Dreamweaver version

The Dreamweaver version can have an unlimited number of text strips in each pop-up, and menu components are much easier to set up than the GoLive version.

Text strip rollover properties are also set up automatically by MenuMaster. No need to do each strip in the pop-up.

MenuMaster can control several pop-up menus on a page

If you need more than one menu on a page, MenuMaster can control several at the same time.

Fully illustrated instructions are included.

Design attractive navigation menus for your website