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knowing what your market thinks, is the open door to a successful business

CookieMaster can help you open that door.

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why should the big boys have all the advantages?

Comprehensive data gathering using Cookies is now available to businesses who don't have their own server, and rely on Internet Service Providers.

CookieMaster features

CookieMaster is a full featured cookie management system that can help you gather valuable information about your market

Now you can easily use the power of cookies to gather visitor information.

CookieMaster can gather visitor data in several ways and store it in a Cookie

Set and retrieve one or more Cookies for each visitor

Gather data from other Cookies, from the CookieMaster data field or from a Form the visitor has filled out

Format data as a "delimited string" suitable for importing into a data base

Submit data strings to a server-side script, an eMail address, or to your own javascript extension for processing

Many ways to combine and manipulate Cookie data

Option to display Cookie data strings during the test phase

Learn what your customers are interested in when they visit your website. Use this information to redirect them to special promotion or product pages the next time they visit.

Submit the data, or retrieve it later then send it, or combine it with data from other Cookies. The options are very flexible.

Write your own javascript extensions for CookieMaster to increase its capabilities. Several examples are included.

CookieMaster's flexibility lets you set up a simple data gathering program, or one that meets more demanding needs.

Fully illustrated instructions are included.

CookieMaster gives you the tools to set up a simple or comprehensive Cookie management system.