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user license agreement in a nutshell

Please read the full Software User License Agreement before ordering. Your purchase confirms your agreement to the terms of use outlined in that agreement.

Customers are entitled to use actionscafé software for an unlimited number of website projects.

A Single User License entitles customers to use this software on one computer or work station, and a second copy on the customer's personal laptop.

A Multi User License must be purchased for each Windows or Macintosh Action that is to be used on more than one computer or work station.

This software may not be distributed over a network.

This software may not be sold or given to your customers. They must purchase a User License if they intend to edit pages in which this software is used.

This software's HTML and javascript are protected by Copyright and may not be modified in any way other than what is allowed by this agreement.

You may only alter the Text portion of the javascript that is displayed to the public.

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