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flyouts are a great way to display detailed information without taking up page space

They are great for displaying messages or HTML content right next to the link that triggers them. They get seen.

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QuickTime demos

Have a look at the Flyout demo to see how it works.

You'll find many ways to use this Action on pages where space is tight or where you want to attract attention to special offers and important notices.

**Compatible with FireFox 3.6+, IE9*, .Safari 4+. Chrome 2+ Opera 11.10, OmniWeb 5.11*.

* Linear blends not available yet.

PeekaBoo_DW features

easily design cursor activated flyouts

PeekaBoo lets you easily create large or miniature flyouts that pop-up right next to the cursor. They can be triggered by mouseover or mouseclick events on AP Divs, graphics or image map hotspots.

Large flyouts can contain any content including iFrames with an HTML page. Miniature text flyouts are perfect for small pop-up information strips.

flyout content

Flyouts are layers, not small browser windows, and can contain any content that is allowed inside a layer

Using layers gets around the problem of pop-up blockers used by many browsers

iFrames can be used inside a flyout to hold a small HTML page complete with its own links

CSS3 options** include Round corners, Drop shadows and Linear background blends for your flyouts

flyout options

Create flyouts that pop-up next to the cursor, at a fixed location, or centered in the browser window. They close automatically when your cursor leaves the area

Flyouts can be triggered by any link on the page that has an ID, such as a layer, an image or a hotspot on an image map

Auto dimming option lets you dim the page so the flyout stands out against background clutter

Set custom dimming percentages and background tints for each flyout

Five animated flyout opening effects and two closing effects

flyout announcements get noticed first