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making your stuff look good is what CyberGallery is all about

It's also about helping you to protect your hard work from being easily snagged.

Web Browsers don't offer protection for your proprietary material. You have to do that yourself, and CyberGallery can help.

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Contact actionscafé if you would like more information about this Action.

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QuickTime demos

See the CyberGallery demo, CyberGallery AutoScroll demo, CyberGallery slide show, CyberGallery floating slide show and the CyberGallery cataloge demo. The cataloge demo captions were generated by CG.

See ShrinkWrapper for another image display solution. Demo.

GoLive users please note

Developement on CyberGallery for GoLive stopped at version 7.4 and does not have some of the improvements and the HTML5 features. It comes with the "Dreamweaver User Instructions" that contain installation notes. Contact actionscafé if you have any questions.

CyberGallery features

show off your images and slide shows on all platforms including iPhones and iPads

CyberGallery is javascript, so it works everywhere.

Place captions below, above, inside bottom, inside top or centred inside your images.

Custom Zip Notices that pop up from the bottom of images, with HTML formatted text and links.

Centre images in the browser window or position them yourself.

set up an auto-start slide show or use on-screen controls

Image display features can be used to set up an attractive slide show page (only one background can be used in a slide show).

Run fully automated or manually controlled slide shows.

Full set of slide show controls to manually run your shows.

Fully illustrated instructions and demos.

Show off your work on a page that spotlights your images.

Several animated opening and closing effects.

Customize backgrounds and Borders, and use HTML5 Drop shadows and Rounded corners for background windows and display images.

Display multi-line captions for each image that can include HTML mark-up and links.

Dim backgroud clutter so your images pop right off the page.

Image Protection Options to help stop image copying, screen captures, screen photography, or grabbing images from Web Archives.