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QuickTime demos

Try the MosaicSlideShow Fade-in transition demo and the Vertical mozaic demo.

Most browsers don't have a Javascript transition filter that will fade one image into another.

Creating a fade-in transition for slides is easy with MosaicSlideShow. Simple set-up instructions are included in the user manual.

try something different without spending a bundle on special editing software

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MosaicSlideShow features

display single images or run a slide show

image transition effects

• Create a simple fade-in transition that fades one image into another

• Create mosaic transitions. Each image uses a new random pattern of mosaics that replaces the old image

• Display a title image between slides

turning your images into mosaic tiles is easy

MosaicSlideShow will typically be used to display untiled images, but for that special effect, try the mosaic transition.

Quickly turn your images into tiles with any image slicing software.

Design a template of slices, then automatically export all your images as mosaic tiles.

Slices can be any rectangular shape or combination of shapes and sizes.

Image slicing software names each tile automatically so you don't have to do it yourself.

Page set-up is easy. Simply position and re-size image place holders in the same pattern as your mosaic slices.

Link MosaicSlideShow to your page and fill in the options. That's it.

Use MosaicSlideShow as an onLoad event to run your images when the page loads, or link it to side show controls and let your visitors run the show.

a full set of slide show controls are built in

Slide shows can run on their own or can include a full set of user controls.

Set the duration of images and the delay between images.

Display a common Title image between slides with its own duration speed.

Optional "Number of Loops" feature.

Optional pre-caching of images. The next set of mosaics loads while the user is viewing the current image

Use JPG, GIF or PNG images.

A bonus. Mosaic images can't be easily dragged off or saved. Your images will be harder to copy.

Comes with fully illustrated instructions that carefully lead you through the setup.

Perfect for anyone who is looking for a different way to display images