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AutoScroll is a professional grade scroll area Action

AutoScroll can handle much more than just a simple scrolling box. It has all the scrolling features you'll probably ever need... all in one Action.

Have a look at ScrollIt for another great scroll area solution.

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QuickTime demos

Click the demos and see how AutoScroll works.

These demos show the different scrolling options that are available in AutoScroll.

Cursor scrolling
Edge scrolling
Manual scrolling
User speed control scrolling
Page full scrolling
Auto and Semi-Auto scrolling

Jumpiness in the demos is caused by QuickTime screen capture.

scrolling film strip menus

Have a look at the new FilmStrip Behavior for designing scrolling film strip menus.

AutoScroll features

a powerful scroll area Action that does it all It's the first choice of hundreds of professional designers

This is an all-in-one scroll area Action that lets you design up to four auto, semi-auto and manual scrolling areas on a page.

Features include Panorama (wrap-around) scrolling areas, auto-pausing, looping and scroll out.

the panorama feature is perfect for scrolling navigation bars

Scrolling areas can be a mix of text and graphics

Set up scrolling navigation strips that pause when the user enters an image

Panorama (wrap around) feature gives scrolling areas a seamless look

Auto, Semi-auto, Manual, Cursor driven and Edge scrolling modes

Auto mode will automatically start scrolling as soon as the page loads. You control how much scrolls into view before pausing

Semi-auto mode lets users click for the next window full

Manual mode gives users full control over scrolling

easily build space saving scrolling text areas that are perfect for information crammed pages

Cursor driven mode increases scrolling speed the closer the cursor gets to the edge of the window

Edge mode starts scrolling when the cursor touches the edge of the window

Control the speed and quality of the animation

Optional Start pause, Scroll pause and End pause delays

Loop and Scrollout options

Scrolling can be Up, Down, Left or Right

Use your own graphics or text as the scrolling controls.

AutoScroll lets you pack a lot of information into a small space.

Fully illustrated instructions

AutoScroll is an all-in-one scroll area Action that is easy to use. It's the key to info crammed pages