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QuickTime demos

Have a look at the PassMaster demo page and see how it works.

The PassMaster cookie will allow users to enter the protected page any time during their browser session.

Jumpiness in the demos is caused by QuickTime screen capture.

If you don't have access to a server-side security system, then PassMaster can give you some control over who enters a secure section or page.

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PassMaster features

PassMaster is a full featured, casual password entry system

PassMaster is perfect for small organizations where the members are known and strict iron-clad security is not needed.

In this system, the administrator hands out the User IDs and Passwords to each member, and only they can enter a member's only area.

PassMaster can be set up to run with Passwords only.

passwords and IDs are given to members by the administrator

Check for User ID and password before allowing visitors to see protected pages. Can be set up for passwords only

Member's information is stored in a client-side look-up file. The Encrypted password option keeps prying eyes from seeing the actual passwords. Only you and your members know

Limit a member's access to a cetain number of days

Automatic re-entry for members with valid cookies

Deny non-members direct access to protected pages from bookmarks or search engines

Log-out option that requires members to log-in again

PassMaster protects pages, not folders, for greater security and flexibility

Works in a frameset environment

protect your member's privacy

how it works

UserIDs, Passwords and other member information is stored into a client-side file by the administrator.

When Encrypted passwords are used, members enter their real password which is then re-encryted and matched with one in the client-side file. This fool proof method keeps prying eyes from seeing and using actual passwords.

When visitors open the password page, PassMaster either re-directs members with valid cookies to the secure section, or they have to re-enter their User IDs and Passwords.

Only members with a valid cookie are allowed to enter a common protected area or their own area, directly from bookmarks or search engine links.

Fully illustrated instructions are included.

PassMaster has everything you need to easily set up a secure area for your members