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FileTab_DW is compatible with these browsers

FireFox 3.6+, IE9*, .Safari 4+. Chrome 2+ Opera 11.10, OmniWeb 5.11*.
* Linear blends not available yet.

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QuickTime demos

Have a look at the other two demo pages to see how FileTabs_DW works.

Button demoThumbnail demo (FileTabs was used with DW's Swap Image Behavior for the thumbnail demo).

Jumpiness in the demos is caused by QuickTime screen capture.

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easily design roll-over file tab or image menus

FileTabs lets you create navigation menus with Tabs or Images that behave like radio buttons. Tabs can be two or three state rollovers.

You can set up a FileTabs menu like the demo above in the time it takes to drink a couple of beers... and you don't have to fiddle with CSS3.

new CSS3 features

Rounded corners - Design tabs with simple or complex curved corners.

Drop shadows - Add drop shadows in any color. Options for bluring and spread.

Linear blends - Blend the background of tabs from one color to another at any angle.

Tab opacity - Set tab opacity for unselected tabs. Cool effect.

Layout flexible - Tab menus can be designed in framesets, iFrames or on the same page.

Design flexible - Tabs can have the same design and colors or they can all be unique.

Bckground flexible - Use colors or images for the tab backgrounds.

There are enough options in FileTabs to really get creative.

Fully illustrated instructions.

FileTabs has all the features you need to design fantastic file tab menus