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the Portfolio_DW page flipper is compatible with all browser platforms

Portfolio_DW might not be the fanciest page flipper on the market but it's fast and can get your documents viewed on iPhones and iPads, without the need of special plug-ins.

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QuickTime demos

Have a look at the demo pages to see how Portfolio_DW works.

Facing page demo, single page demo, portfolio demo.

Jumpiness in the demos is caused by QuickTime screen capture.

Portfolio_DW features

a fast and simple page flipper for image documents

Easily create Portfolio-ready documents like magazines, art and photography portfolios or product brochures by exporting pages from a PDF document, or your document editing software as sequentially numbered jpg, png or gif images.

Comes with three template pages for quick and easy setup of new documents.

Save pages as images from InDesign, Acrobat etc. then create a Portfolio document in seconds.

Documents are ready for flipping and viewing as soon as your first page has been downloaded.

Smart pre-caching makes page turning fast.

No need for plugins. It's all done with Javascript.

Works on iPhones, iPads and all other browsers including Internet Explorer 8 for Windows.

some of the features

Portfolio_DW automatically selects the proper images from your folder.

Flip pages forward or backward or jump to a page number

Users don't have to wait for the whole document to download. It's ready for viewing as soon as your first page loads

Built in smart pre-caching means the next page is automatically cached in the background while the reader is looking at the on-screen page. Page flipping is seamless and fast.

Display CSS3 Drop Shadows for your single or facing page documents.

Five transition effects for flipping single page documents

Two transitional effects for flipping Facing page documents

Flipping controls include forward and backward, last page, first page, and goto page

Control the speed and quality of the animation

Use your own graphics or text as the page flipping controls

Fully illustrated instructions

If you're looking for a fast and simple page flipper, this is the one