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copyright © reminders will help stop some people from illegally using your stuff

Web Browsers don't offer any protection against users snatching your proprietary material. You have to do that yourself.... and CopyrightNotice can help.

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QuickTime demos

Try the CopyrightNotice demo page and see how CopyrightNotice works.

zip notice feature for CyberGallery_DW 6 users

If you already have CyberGallery_DW 6, you can use CopyrightNotice_DW to have the Zip notice and Flyout options.

The Zip notice feature is built into CyberGallery_DW 7.

Jumpiness in the demos is caused by QuickTime screen capture.

CopyrightNotice features

display copyright notices that can't be missed.

CopyrightNotice is more than just a plain pop-up window. You have four notice types to choose from.

Large flyout. This notice pops-up next to the cursor or at any fixed location when someone clicks or mouses over your image. It can hold detailed purchase or other information, or an iFrame that can be filled with many customized pages, depending on what image the user is pointing at.

Miniature text pop-up. This text notice pops up just below the cursor when someone clicks or mouses over your image.

Zip notice pop-up. This text notice scrolls up from the bottom of the image when someone clicks or mouses over it.

Miniatures and Zips use only one self-relocating and auto-resizing AP Div for all the messages. You can have just one common message or a custom message for each image.

Pop-up watermark. This notice will imprint a semi-transparent, time delayed watermark over your image when someone cursors over it. It's meant as a subtle copyright reminder.

flyout notice options

Large flyouts can pop-up next to the cursor or at a fixed location. They close automatically when you cursor out

Notices can be triggered from any layer or image on the page using mouseOver or mouseDown events

Auto dimming option lets you dim the page so large notices stand out against background clutter. Set custom dimming percentages and background tints for each flyout

Six animated opening effects for flyouts and three closing effects

Design your own watermarks or use one of the included © symbols

Protect your hard work