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If you ever have anyone on the fence about whether or not to purchase something from you, please send them my way. I'll gladly provide a long list of reasons why they shouldn't hesitate.

Not only do you have extremely functional actions that make my life much easier, your willingness to help over non-business hours and on quick call are simply unsurpassable.

No wonder Adobe recommends you so highly. 

Deeply indebted to you! 


Thanks for the update. Just wanted to drop you a note, to say thanks for your great products. I've used your products a couple times with nothing but great success.

I appreciate your hard work to produce superior scripts at a reasonable rate. Thanks again.

Patrick Cranston

I gotta tell you... your actions are great! And a couple of them are a GOD SEND!

Literally some of your actions have saved me DAYS of work. Something I can now do in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days...

Keep up the great work!
jerry chrisman

Thanks Walter you rock!

P.S. Your actions have made my programing and creative life a much better overall experience.

Thanks once again for all of your hard work.

Kevin Johnson
Deluxe Digital Media, Inc.

Wow... great products *and* great service! This fixes the problem. Thanks, Walt! I hope your development business goes well for you. It's uncommon to get great service these days.

Best Regards,

I was extremely impressed with you this morning. I appreciate the MultiCache update I found in my mailbox. I did not know that you continued to improve your GoLive Actions, let alone sent out the upgrade to purchasers free of charge. Thank you!

Also, thank you for the announcements of new Actions. Your work saves me a lot of work. Keep it up Walter!


Your customer service was outstanding and I appreciate your efforts to help me. Once more your knowledge of actions/JavaScript and understanding of my needs as a web designer have saved me countless hours of work.

After my years of experience dealing with software developers I do not take that for granted.
Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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