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Visit Adobe for more information on Behaviors and Actions.

frustrated with javascript problems?

Some users can't get an Action to work no matter how closely they follow the instructions. It can get frustrating!

Most of the time the problem is a simple oversight in setting up the Action's options. Free customer support is only an eMail away. We can usually have you up and running in no time.

Sometimes the problem is not the Action setup, but is caused by adding and deleting Actions improperly or by users editing the source code by hand. These bugs can take quite a bit of time and experience to find.

Some customers have complained about wasting hours, even days on a problem page that could have been fixed in less than an hour by someone with experience.

If you've got the time to track down the problem yourself, go for it. If you don't, call actionscafé. We can usually find javascript gremlins in less than an hour. The consultaion rate is $90 per hour
(1/2 hr minimum).

Unfortunatelly some pages are so messed up they can't be fixed or would be too expensive to clean up.

We guarantee to at least identify the problem with your page and fix it if possible or practical, or your money back.

custom solutions

Off-the-shelf software from actionscafé might not do exactly what you want.

Contact us for an estimate on preparing a custom Action.

Make consultation payments.

Full details on consulting and custom programming.

Custom Actions page.

Contact actiionscafé

Ask about our consulting service and custom solutions.