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QuickTime demos

Try the demo page and see how VerifyForm works.

VerifyForm for Dreamweaver is continually updated. GoLive updates stopped at version 4.0. Please check VerifyForm's version changes list to see what's been fixed and improved.

Jumpiness in the demos is caused by QuickTime screen capture.

Have a look at DisableFormObjects. It can help you gather even more accurate customer data.

Other companion Actions include MailPrep for preparing the head section of your eMailed forms, PopulateSelectList for building cascading popup selection lists inside your forms, and Formatter for performing simple arithmetic on numeric fields in your form.

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VerifyForm features

get more accurate customer information the first time

Every mistake on a submitted form means wasted server time. Eliminate many unnecessary round trips by pre-checking entries first.

Submit corrected forms to a server-side form handler or to an eMail address

Options to send the form as a Delimited Data Record for easy importing into a data base or spreadsheet

20 ways to check field entries, including many field formatting options

Check Text fields, Text areas, Radio buttons, Check boxes and Selection lists

Check that eMail and URL addresses are properly formatted

Option to auto-fill your form when an applicant revisits the page

a wide range of verification options to catch most errors before the form is sent

Format Credit Card Numbers, Phone Numbers, Dates and Currency to suit your preference

Check that an entry is found in your List of accepted values

errors are hi-lighted with a color and optional messages, making errors easy to find and correct

Block Profanities or other inappropriate entries by scanning the form against your Profanity list

Convert fields to UPPER CASE, lower case, Word Caps etc.

Set-up Pop-up selection lists that re-direct applicants after the Form has been sent

Multi-national customizing. Error messages can be easily edited and converted to any language

Block duplicate Form submissions during the same session

Set fields that are required

VerifyForm works with GoLive's Dynamic Server Pages

Fully illustrated instructions

VerifyForm is the most powerful browser form checker you can get. It can save you time.