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QuickTime demos

Try the demo pages and see how ScrollMenu works.

Accordion menu, and Staggered pop-up menu.

The flexibility of ScrollMenu lets you create navigatioin designs beyond the standard horizontal and vertical poo-ups.

Menu components are created and positioned by the user. Extensive set-up should be expected for elaborate menu designs.

It's recommended that users have a good working knowledge of Dreamweaver's AP Divs.

thoughtful navigation is key to a well designed web site

actionscafé has several ways to get the job done. Have a look at
Software > menus & navigation.

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See MenuMaster for designing regular pop-up menus.

ScrollMenu features

break away from everyday pop-up menus and get moving

Why settle for run-of-the-mill pop-ups. Turn any creative idea into a pop-up menu. See the staggered demo below.

You arrange the menu components on the page yourself, in any scheme. The design possibilities are endless.

Tell ScrollMenu what the menu pieces are and how you want them to move. That's it.

You can use ScrollMenu to design the standard pop-ups as well, but if you want to be more creative, this is the Behavior to look at.

many ways to set up a multi-level menu system with ScrollMenu

Design cascading pop-up and accordion menus

Shifting and scrolling work in all 4 directions

Pop-up menus can contain text, graphics or both

Auto menu centering or anchoring

Endless layout possibilities. Simply layout your menu using positionable divs, then use ScrollMenu to easily turn them into a menu system.

Create rollover text strips for the Pop-up menus

Attach other Actions or URL to menu selections

Set up as many cascading pop-up menus as you need

Compatible with IE 5.2+, NN 6+ class browsers

No Javascript knowledge needed

The Dreamweaver version is much easier and faster to set up than the GoLive version.

Dreamweaver pop-ups can also have an unlimited number of text strips.

easily design space saving, accordion pop-up menus

Build accordion menus where the menu selections shift down.

Pop-up menus are revealed as the menu selections shift down, or your pop-ups can scroll into the space from any direction. Nice effect.

How is ScrollMenu set up?

You start by arranging the necessary AP Divs on your page to create a menu scheme, then use ScrollMenu to easily turn them into an animated pop-up menu.

Fully illustrated instructions are included.

ScrollMenu gives you everything you need to develop stylish, animated pop-Up menus.